Bill Romanashin, University of Oklahoma

The book is available as a PDF file. You are welcome to download and look at or print out the file. The file is available by clicking here and following the link on the page.

The file is about 2MB in size (much of that in figures). You can download a free copy of the latest Adobe PDF reader at

From Bill's Page
Each spring semester, I teach a junior/senior level course for astrophysics and astronomy majors, ASTR 4512, titled "Observatory Methods". This course covers basic material about telescopes and detectors for optical astronomy, with most of the course devoted to learning about CCD detectors and learning how to use these wonderful devices to make broadband (BVR) optical photometric measurements of astronomical sources.

When I first started to teach this course in 1995, I did not find a book at the appropriate level that covered the material I wished to cover. So, in a fit of insanity, I started to write my own textbook. I have decided to make this book freely available to anyone who wishes to use it, at least at this time. Sometime in the future I may decide to formally publish the book, but that sounds like too much work! (Also, there are now several books available that are somewhat similar to what I have written.)