CALL: Potential Lightcurve Targets (with LCDB data)

Enter the search parameters for asteroids reaching brightest during the chosen month and year.
In most cases, opposition and date of brightest are within a few days of one another. However, for some NEAs,
the two dates could be weeks or months apart and the NEA could have up to three oppositions during a given apparition.

If you enter an incorrect range for declination and/or magnitude, you'll be returned to this page and red asterisks will appear next to the Field Name.

Selecting 'All' for the month should be used in conjunction with one or more other filters.

There are almost 400,000 entires in the table. Getting all records could timeout the server.

The filters work as Boolean AND, i.e., all conditions must be met.

Table Filtering Options

Results are sorted by order of date of brightest
Value Range Low/Selection Range High/Filter
Year and Month

Please do not select "All" without using filters and narrowing default ranges.
The family/group definitions are based on the orbital parameters. See Warner et al. (2009; Icarus 202, 134-146).
Favorable Status
Favorable is one of five brightest apparitions in period 1995-2050
CALL Status

Filter by CALL notification and/or submission postings

LCDB Status

Filter by LCDB entries

Mag Range
Dec Range

Maximum diameter (km)