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The Minor Planet Bulletin is the official publication of the Minor Planets section of the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO).


Recent issues are available as a free PDF download (except connection and ISP charges). For issues further back, visit the ADS Abstract page.


Print subscriptions are no longer available to individuals. Institutions (e.g., college libraries) can still obtain print copies via a special subscription. See details in MPB 37-4 or contact the editor, Richard Binzel.

Annual voluntary contributions of $5.00 or more in support of the publication are welcome.


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Instructions for Authors

The MPB Authors' Guide (PDF) provides the guidelines for submitting papers to the MPB (Revised 2013 January)


Click here to download MPB MS Word(c) template (ZIP) (Revised 2013 January)



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MPB Asteroid Index
Click here for an index of asteroids with lightcurves published in the Minor Planet Bulletin from 30-1 to 43-1. (PDF, 134 pages)


MPB Cumulative Index
Click here for a cumulative index of all articles published in the Minor Planet Bulletin, Vol 1-42. (PDF)


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Back issues from 1994-2003 were provided by Dan Coley. Thanks to MPB Editor, Prof. Richard Binzel, and Frederick Pilcher, Coordinator of ALPO's Minor Planets Section, for giving permission to make the files available.


The links at the bottom of the page are corrigendum (corrections) to papers in the MPB


The links immediately below are corrigendum (corrections) to papers in the MPB

MPB 40-1, Warner et al., "Lightcurve Opportunities".
MPB 40-4, Fauvaud and Fauvaud, "Photometry of Minor Planets, I."