The Asteroid Lightcurve Database (LCDB)

Welcome to the Asteroid Lightcurve Database

The Asteroid Lightcurve Database is a listing of asteorid lightcurve parameters and other information, e.g., estimated/measured diameters, absolute magnitudes (H), phase slope parameters (G), albedos, and more.


A summary set of tables is distributed annually for general use along with special versions for the Planetary Data System (PDS), the ITA in St. Petersburg, Russia (Ephemerides of Minor Planets), and the Minor Planet Center.


Click here to download the latest public release (2016 September 6).

Important Notices

Starting with the 2015 October 10 release, the column mapping in the LC_DAT and LC_SUM files changed to accommodate a two-character field for HBAND. See the README.TXT file in the ZIP.

Starting with the 2015 July release, more than 13,500 summary records were added as a result of two papers using data from the Palomar Transit Factory. See the updated README.TXT in the ZIP file for more information.



Referencing the LCDB

If you use the LCDB files, either on-line or the ZIP file, please give the following credit.


Short Reference (within text of a paper, etc.)

Warner et al. (2009) or (LCDB; Warner et al., 2009)


Full Reference

Warner, B.D., Harris, A.W., Pravec, P. (2009). Icarus 202, 134-146. Updated <Date of last update>. http://www.MinorPlanet.info/lightcurvedatabase.html


For example: 

Warner, B.D., Harris, A.W., Pravec, P. (2009). Icarus 202, 134-146. Updated 2015 December 7. http://www.MinorPlanet.info/lightcurvedatabase.html



LCDB References Table with ADS Hyperlinks 

Click here to go to the LCDB References page that features BibCode hyperlinks into the NASA/SAO Astrophysical Data System (ADS). In many cases, you can download a copy of the original paper from the ADS page.


LCDB On-line Query Form

The on-line query form retrieves all columns from the LCDB Summary table, limited if you want to those records matching one or more filters. For example, you can limit results to a specific group, size, and/or rotation period.

The on-line query returns a table with a radio button in each row. Select one of the rows and click a button to display all entries tied to the select object from the Details, Ambiguous, Binary, Spin Axis, Tumbling, and Color Index tables.


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