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694061995 SX481995 SX48HAEC 2.92M14.6 M0.15A 0.30 4.49  0.100.193A ? 0 


ReferenceBibCodeWorked asDateObs    PABLPABBPhaseFamilyClassDiamMethDiamFDiamDiamErrHSHHErrHBandGSGGErrAlbSAlbFAlbedoAlbErrPFPeriodPerErrPerDescAmpFAmpMinAmpMaxAmpErrUNotesPoleBINSurveyIsPrivateNotesEx
Warner 2011k2011MPBu...38..110W1995 SX482010-10-0712.531.721.1                  2.24310.0002   0.100.012A   0See footnotes
Masiero 20122012ApJ...759L...8M1995 SX48        2.750.08A14.30  A0.15   0.4450.077         I   0 
Warner 2014f2014MPBu...41..102W1995 SX482013-12-28123.03.118.0                  4.4870.002   0.150.023  ? 0 
Warner 2014j2014MPBu...41..144W1995 SX482014-03-07126.2-10.725.6                  4.4870.005   0.190.022+    0 
Behrend 2015web 1995 SX482015-09-128.629.023.0                  4.540.03   0.140.022NA   0 
Chang 20152015ApJS..219...27C1995 SX482014-01-30123.6-4.05.3       14.4100.110RA0.150.20     4.490.040   0.12 2   SWF0 
Waszczak 20152015AJ....150...75W1995 SX482014-01-08123.60.811.3       14.4750.001RG0.4050.010     4.4960.0145   0.11 2   SWF0 
Mainzer 20162016PDSS..247.....M1995 SX482010-06-28349.814.333.5    3.1820.025A14.30  A0.15   0.3320.045         I   0 
Warner 2016b2016MPBu...43...57W1995 SX482015-09-3010.131.121.0                  4.4680.005   0.120.022+    0 
WISE2011ApJ...741...90M1995 SX48        3.1820.025A14.3  A0.15   0.33250.0448         I   0 

Details Notes
Warner 2011k
If the shorter period is correct, this makes the asteroid a good binary candidate.


The Summary record is flagged as ambiguous. If there are entries in a table below, then the period
in the Details record for one of those entries was adopted for the summary line. The table lists the
alternative periods given by the authors.

If there are no entries, then the period for one of the Details records was used for the Summary
line but it was about equally likely as the period in any of the other Details records.

These results do not include those cases where one or more Details records are flagged
as ambiguous but the Summary record is not.

Warner 2011k2011MPBu...38..110W2.24310.104.4861 0.10         
Behrend 2015web 4.540.147.680.050.140.02        


Warner 2014f2014MPBu...41..102WS4.4870.0020.150.02>0.190.02