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To shorten some field names, 'SOURCE' is reduced to 'S' and 'FLAG' is reduced to 'F'.
For example, 'HSOURCE' is 'HS'.

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555652002 AW1972002 AW197TNOACD 701.41L3.57 M0.15L 0.134 8.86   0.082-1A   0 


ReferenceBibCodeWorked asDateObs    PABLPABBPhaseFamilyClassDiamMethDiamFDiamDiamErrHSHHErrHBandGSGGErrAlbSAlbFAlbedoAlbErrPFPeriodPerErrPerDescAmpFAmpMinAmpMaxAmpErrUNotesPoleBINSurveyIsPrivateNotesEx
Grundy 20052005Icar..176..184G2002 AW197        886.          0.101              0 
Stansberry 20052005DPS....37.5205S2002 AW197        70050         0.170.03             0 
Ortiz 20062006A&A...447.1131O2002 AW1972002-12-05134.2-7.21.1                  8.860.01   0.080.032-1A   0 
Jewitt 20072007AJ....134.2046J2002 AW1972004-02-16134.8-7.80.3       3.050.02R                    0 
Rabinowitz 20072007AJ....133...26R2002 AW197           3.570.03V 0.1280.04                 0 
Sheppard 20072007AJ....134..787S2002 AW1972003-12-23135.2-7.70.9                     < 0.03      0 
DeMeo 2008a2008DPS....40.4705D2002 AW197                                  0 
Thirouin 20102010A&A...522A..93T2002 AW1972004-01-22135.0-7.80.3                  8.780.05   0.040.0111   0 
Hainaut 20122012A&A...546A.115H2002 AW197                                  0 
Peixinho 20122012A&A...546A..86P2002 AW197           3.1560.059R                    0 
Belskaya 20152015Icar..250..482B2002 AW197     IR                            0 
Tegler 20162016AJ....152..210T2002 AW1972003-11-24135.2-7.61.2       3.62  A0.150.20                 0 


The Summary record is flagged as ambiguous. If there are entries in a table below, then the period
in the Details record for one of those entries was adopted for the summary line. The table lists the
alternative periods given by the authors.

If there are no entries, then the period for one of the Details records was used for the Summary
line but it was about equally likely as the period in any of the other Details records.

These results do not include those cases where one or more Details records are flagged
as ambiguous but the Summary record is not.

Ortiz 20062006A&A...447.1131O8.860.0817.74 0.08         

Color Index

Jewitt 20072007AJ....134.2046J0.8900.0200.5800.0201.1800.030            
DeMeo 2008a2008DPS....40.4705D  0.6100.0301.1600.030            
Hainaut 20122012A&A...546A.115H0.9130.0410.6020.0311.1700.038            
Peixinho 20122012A&A...546A..86P            1.4980.044    
Belskaya 20152015Icar..250..482B0.8900.0100.6000.0101.1700.010            
Tegler 20162016AJ....152..210T0.9200.0200.5600.020        1.4800.030