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To shorten some field names, 'SOURCE' is reduced to 'S' and 'FLAG' is reduced to 'F'.
For example, 'HSOURCE' is 'HS'.

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0103P/Hartley103P/HartleyCMTACL 2.2M17.02 M0.15A 0.057 18.1    2T?RA   0 


ReferenceBibCodeWorked asDateObs    PABLPABBPhaseFamilyClassDiamMethDiamFDiamDiamErrHSHHErrHBandGSGGErrAlbSAlbFAlbedoAlbErrPFPeriodPerErrPerDescAmpFAmpMinAmpMaxAmpErrUNotesPoleBINSurveyIsPrivateNotesEx
Harmon 20102010CBET.2515....1H103P/Hartley2010-10-                  18.10.3     2RA   0See footnotes
Knight 20112011AJ....141..183K103P/Hartley2010-11-0174.0-6.358.3                  16.7       T?NA   0 
Belton 20132013Icar..222..595B103P/Hartley                      18.400.13     2HR   0 

Details Notes
Harmon 2010
The diameter is based the long-axis dimension of a highly-elongated, bilobate object as observed by
radar. The radar cross section was 0.04 km^2, which corresponds to a diameter of ~100 m.


The Summary record is flagged as ambiguous. If there are entries in a table below, then the period
in the Details record for one of those entries was adopted for the summary line. The table lists the
alternative periods given by the authors.

If there are no entries, then the period for one of the Details records was used for the Summary
line but it was about equally likely as the period in any of the other Details records.

These results do not include those cases where one or more Details records are flagged
as ambiguous but the Summary record is not.

Harmon 20102010CBET.2515....1H18.1 13.2           
Knight 20112011AJ....141..183K16.7 18.7           

Tumbling (NPAR)

Knight 20112011AJ....141..183K-156.   
Belton 20132013Icar..222..595B226.720.06