Generate Family Ephemerides

Select a family/group from the list and other filters. The search returns short ephemerides for the asteroids found in the search.

Family definitions are based on a, e, i orbital elements as outlined in "The Asteroid Lightcurve Database" by Warner et al. (2009, Icarus 202, 134-146).
They are meant only as a guide since there are families and/or groups that share space with a number of others.

Enter Longitude and Latitude to the nearest whole degree (Western/Southern Hemisphere = negative)
    (For example:  Landers, CA  =  –105 +39;    Adelaide, Australia =  +138  –34)

Enter Elevation above sea level in meters  (1 foot = 0.3048m)
Enter UT (nearest whole hour) for the position on each date

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