LCDB Data for (7335)

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Summary Data

73351989 JA1989 JANEAASC 1.18M17.0 M0.15A 0.20<12.     RN  000 


ReferenceBibCodeDetailsSortWorked asDateObs    PABLPABBPhaseFamilyClassDiamMethDiamFDiamDiamErrHSHHErrHBandGSGGErrAlbSAlbFAlbedoAlbErrPFPeriodPerErrPerDescAmpFAmpMinAmpMaxAmpErrUNotesBINPoleWideFieldSparseDataIsPrivateNotesEx
Wisniewski 19971997Icar..126..395W1997_Wisniewski1989 JA1989-05-27207.02.367.2       17.80.3 A0.23              N  000 
Mahapatra 20022002P&SS...50..257M2002_Mahapatra1989 JA1899-12-30                    <12.       RN  000 
Mainzer 20112011ApJ...736..100M2011_Mainzer1989 JA1899-12-30                  0.310.30         I  000See footnotes
Mainzer 20162016PDSS..247.....M2016_Mainzer1989 JA2010-05-08161.3+16.536.3    0.9320.153A17.00  A0.15   0.3220.150         I  000 
Nugent 20162016AJ....152...63N2016_Nugent1989 JA1899-12-30       0.730.02A17.82  A0.24   0.250.04      0.78  I  000 
WISE2011ApJ...741...90M9999_WISE1989 JA1899-12-30       0.9320.153A17.0  A0.15   0.3220.150         I  000 

Details Notes
Mainzer 2011
The diameters and H values were taken from other sources and then used to calibrate expected errors
in diameters and albedo derived from WISE data.