LCDB Data for (2937) Gibbs

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Summary Data

2937Gibbs1980 LAPHOASC 6.35M13.2 M0.15A 0.23 2.9820  0.260.513   000 


ReferenceBibCodeWorked asDateObs    PABLPABBPhaseFamilyClassDiamMethDiamFDiamDiamErrHSHHErrHBandGSGGErrAlbSAlbFAlbedoAlbErrPFPeriodPerErrPerDescAmpFAmpMinAmpMaxAmpErrUNotesBINPoleWideFieldSparseDataIsPrivateNotesEx
Behrend 2005web Gibbs2005-08-2328.527.436.6                  3.061530.00006   0.390.012+   000 
Behrend 2005web  2005-12-1149.314.519.5                  3.060.05   0.310.012   000 
Nugent 20162016AJ....152...63NGibbs        5.041.43A13.42  A0.24   0.300.13      0.37  I  000 
Stephens 2017c2017MPBu...44..120SGibbs2016-12-18102.7-6.78.4                  3.1890.003   0.260.032+   000 
Ali-Lagoa 20172017A&A...603A..55AGibbs2010-03-27112.0-14.420.6    5.991.20A13.10  A0.15   0.2830.113         I  000 
Popescu 2018b2018A&A...617A..12PGibbs    MCU                        I  000 
Warner 2019r Gibbs2016-12-18102.7-6.78.4                  2.9840.001   0.270.032+   000See footnotes
Warner 2019r Gibbs2019-05-01299.07.134.0                  2.9820.001   0.510.023   000See footnotes
Benishek 2019h Gibbs2019-07-02328.722.335.4                  2.98200.0004   0.490.013   000 

Details Notes
Warner 2019r
Second period found but cause not established. Could be a tumbler or binary without mutual events.

Warner 2019r
The U = 3- rating is for the primary period, which is clearly established (unless the object is a
low-level tumbler).