LCDB Data for (1850) Kohoutek

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Summary Data

1850Kohoutek1942 ENFLORASC 6.05T13.26 L0.15A 0.24 3.68   0.312   100See footnotes

Summary Notes
Chang (2016) H values are based on H-G system. The G values are in R, not V. All lightcurves with a
period were initially given U = 2 regardless of rating by Chang et al. The plots for the 352
lightcurves that did not have complete coverage were reviewed and the U codes revised. In many of
those cases, it appears that the half-period was found. For those, if the summary line depended on
the Chang et al. entry, the period on the summary line is double that found by Chang et al. and
carries a 'D' (determined) flag in the NOTES field. No errors were given for amplitudes, which were
often dramatically overstated.


ReferenceBibCodeDetailsSortWorked asDateObs    PABLPABBPhaseFamilyClassDiamMethDiamFDiamDiamErrHSHHErrHBandGSGGErrAlbSAlbFAlbedoAlbErrPFPeriodPerErrPerDescAmpFAmpMinAmpMaxAmpErrUNotesBINPoleWideFieldSparseDataIsPrivateNotesEx
Masiero 20122012ApJ...759L...8M2012_MasieroKohoutek1899-12-30       5.910.24A12.80  A0.15   0.3830.127         I  000 
Chang 20162016ApJS..227...20C2016_Chang1942 EN2014-12-1432.2-2.220.2       12.810.09RA0.150.20     3.680.01   0.31 2   100 
Mainzer 20162016PDSS..247.....M2016_MainzerKohoutek2010-03-28262.6+0.130.3    7.6420.086A12.80  A0.15   0.1810.018         I  000 
WISE2011ApJ...741...90M9999_WISEKohoutek1899-12-30       7.6420.086A12.8  A0.15   0.18120.0179         I  000