LCDB Data for (1070) Tunica

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To shorten some field names, 'SOURCE' is reduced to 'S' and 'FLAG' is reduced to 'F'.
For example, 'HSOURCE' is 'HS'.

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Summary Data

1070Tunica1926 RBMB-OACC 33.79T11.08 G0.980A 0.057 15.673  0.240.322   000See footnotes

Summary Notes
Waszczak (2015) H values are based on G12 system. The G12 value is given instead of G and carries
"G" for the source flag. The LCDB U value is based on the Waszczak et al. "relflag" value, with
relflag = 0 given U = 1 and relflag = 1 given U = 2


ReferenceBibCodeDetailsSortWorked asDateObs    PABLPABBPhaseFamilyClassDiamMethDiamFDiamDiamErrHSHHErrHBandGSGGErrAlbSAlbFAlbedoAlbErrPFPeriodPerErrPerDescAmpFAmpMinAmpMaxAmpErrUNotesBINPoleWideFieldSparseDataIsPrivateNotesEx
Masiero 20122012ApJ...759L...8M2012_MasieroTunica1899-12-30       36.680.86A10.60  A0.15   0.0760.011         I  000 
Nugent 20152015ApJ...814..117N2015_NugentTunica1899-12-30       33.778.89A10.70  A0.15   0.070.04      0.62  I  000 
Veres 20152015Icar..261...34V2015_VeresTunica1899-12-30          10.760.29  0.2110.000             N  010 
Waszczak 20152015AJ....150...75W2015_WaszczakTunica2010-02-06152.5-5.55.4       10.6340.001RG0.9800.010     15.6730.0067   0.32 2   100 
Mainzer 20162016PDSS..247.....M2016_MainzerTunica2010-05-12154.9-0.716.7    39.1310.423A10.70  A0.15   0.0610.003         I  000 
Behrend 2017web 2017_Behrend_webTunica2017-05-25225.418.28.6                  15.81.0   0.240.032-   000 
AKARI2011PASJ...63.1117U9999_AKARITunica1899-12-30       39.100.64A10.60  A0.15   0.0680.003         I  000 
WISE2011ApJ...741...90M9999_WISETunica1899-12-30       44.1351.028A10.7  A0.15   0.04760.0014         I  000